Me pete and eva

Ok, Ha, ha, ha. all this funny mail. I was reading all your little jokes when Pete came in the room laughing. Now Gibbi dont like it much when people talk shit about me so he threw a plaster bag at pete’s head. Pete obviously ducked cause gibbi is week and had a hard time throwing the ten pound bag. But not before Eva busted up threw the floor and had Pete by the pant leg.(AS you may know, Eva dont like people talking shit about me either.) At that I began to force feed pete some of the special blend coffee that we get and so he began to gag like a pig thrown from an airplane. Thomas heard all the noise and ran in the room with a gas can screaming I’m the manager and no’one fights without me! And pity for us Robin decided to take up smoking just at that moment. Well you guessed it BOOM!! goodbye Grayson. It’s a mess over here. I made it.there is somthing in the next room that looks like a burnt match, I think thats Gibbi.

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