good pasta

Howdey all,

I bet your all wondering what my favorite food is. Now I’m a bread guy, that means I like bread. I like it with butter or as a little something to go with pasta. Now I’ve heard it said that pasta is really bread but in a different form. It sure looks different to me. But I dont know for sure. I know one thing though I dont like red sause. Except for my own. It’s quite good you sould try it sometime. Now ham I find is a great meal, I always feel sorry for the pig but golly is it good. My mother is really fond of chicken. Ya know the shake and bake thing, well she likes that a lot. I have had so much shake and bake in my day that I feel just plane silly about it. So dont bring it up when we talk. It’s a sore subject. So anyway, I was thinking, if everyone made their favorite meal and brought it in, and gave me some. I think it would be nice.

no red sause though.
I love you all.


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