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Petzold wrote:

sorry… have to it try again:

PLEASE, please, please close the bathroom doors behind you. Every time you leave the doors open, the bathroom air mixes with the Bay2 air. ( just imagine … ) It’s either the smell of sh.. or the Anti-Stink-Spray, which isn’t any better. So, please shut the doors and leave the air circulation to the little fans IN the bathrooms.

thank you very much.


I’m sorry Frank, Yesterday I woke up and had some sour cream. Then I came to work and ate an sausage egg and cheese bagel from the Home cafe. It was after my five cups of coffee and my cigar that I felt like getting a little something from the food truck. It of coarse turned out to be steak and eggs over rice with peppers and cheese and three boiled eggs. But I think it was the Bacon burger from Barneys that did the real damage. It’s funny ,that walk you get right before touchdown. It’s like you move faster and faster, but there is no bounce anymore and your grimace is so strong you look like your laughing. It’s scary when you come to, and your head is in the sink..Well anyway, I will keep the door shut from now on, and I’ll never do Tabasco sauce shots again no matter what Rosenthal says.

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