Alan wrote:

If you’re going to make popcorn, stay and watch it.
burned popcorn smells horrible, and we’re stuck smelling it for hours on end.

some workplaces ban the stuff

maybe we should consider that


– alan

And I am of coarse sorry I burned popcorn. What happened was, I was going check my popcorn, then I got this email about a door I left open. So I ran to shut it, but I fell over Neil on the way. Then we started making out by the Star Wars game. Then when we were really going at it, popcorn burst out of the microwave and showered down on us. It was very romantic. I love you Neil. I know it is a lot to ask, but try and have patients when I burn popcorn, I know that is an icky smell, and nobody, and I mean nobody should have to smell such a horrible smell (almost as bad as the BO that comes in after a good exercise) but Neil and I like the popcorn.

thanks R.J.Krandell

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