Re: 020999_Production_Meeting_Notes

Snipped from memo by Marty:

*** We are trying to push the schedule wherever we can. WIth the time lost at the beginning of the schedule we are still trying to get back on track. Hence, the push on these current shots.

I don’t buy this one bit. I think we are probably right on track, I bet there is a select few who will get to party with Phil if we bring this thing in early. Blocking and finaling animation on the same day, who ever heard of such a thing. Ten bucks says that German, the forehead and That Brownstein guy, or however the hell you spell his name are all laughing behind closed doors at us while we sweat bullets. KOMODO KICKS ASS ! We RULE. THIS IS THE BEST CREW I EVER FUCKING WORKED WITH. The three bopsy twins are doing a great job too. We should all feel lucky to work on a job with such great supervisors, We are doing this with very little help from the top People, and that kicks ass.

ps I know we are just catching up, but I can’t help throwing Sheles the wrench…..

your pal R.J.Krandell

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