rat fink

Now you all know that I like Gibby. I think he is a very nice guy. And he is very,very talented. And I like to think that I am not a greedy guy. I am pretty happy with what little I have been dealt. I dont sit home and mope because Phil likes him better than me. Infact Phil, Jules and Craig like him better than me. Thats fine. He is a wonderful animator and a great artist. I think he should be a movie star. I would go see every movie he made. If I could I would kiss him but he wont let me. Thats ok.

But I just found out that while I got the funny Tanker button with the red dots that move when you press the sticker on the back. He got two buttons. TWO. He got the same one I did, and one better. And when I asked him where he got the other fantastic button, he said that he got friends. WOW. Did you guys know that they are charging me four hundred dollars for a Troopers Jacket. And Tom doesn’t have to pay a dime.

Now I dont want to start any internal friction here, but if you all would smack Tom in the head really hard every time you see him or kick him in the shins I would feel so much better about all of this.

ps. Every time I go home all I hear my girlfriend say is Tom this and Tom that and isn’t it funny when or can I borrow some money cause Toms taking me to the movies…ect…ect…ect

your pal Ranell.J.Krandell

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