Secret Santa

Now anyone who has been here for a year or two knows that I get some pretty disturbing Secret Santa gifts. I get Severed heads, and I get Little fat dolls of myself on a cross, stuff that is really funny, but makes me worried a little. Joel sculpted me a King Kong from my own sketch books, and I make out with that thing weekly, it’s so damn good. Now I have been sick as a dog for the last week and a half, so much so that people like our own Todd/ T-money, have kicked me out of the building here. Today I came in and on my desk, in a little bag was my gift. I forgot totally about secret santa. Well, I opened the bag, A little hesitantly, as you can understand, and I got one of the most beautiful gifts I ever got. It is so sweet that I had to start making out with Gibby. I am so sorry that I wasn’t here on Wednesday, so everyone could see how great my gift is. Come by and see it. Thank you, Thank you.

I’ll say it again

Fuck ILM they are a bunch of assholes

Fuck Pixar they make sissy movies

Fuck Dreamworks they are snotty apes!

TIPPETT STUDIO RULES! It’s the best job, with the best people

Merry Christmas people


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