As some of you people may know, I went home to New York for my vacation. And some of you people may also know that they have this Governor guy named Gulionni or Julyonni I don’t know how to spell his God damm name, but He has cleaned up New York. And I only have one thing to say about that. Why the hell would you want to clean up New York? Why. I ran around Broadway looking for a little nudity, and all I saw was the Disney store. Now I ask you people, honestly, What would you rather see, naked people or Disney’s Dinosaur? You see my point. It’s all X rated. Why is it that some guy, that I don’t know thinks it’s better for me to see Disney’s porn than the good stuff with girls in it. Now some of may know that I’m not all that political, as a matter of fact I’ve never even voted, but gosh darn it that ticks me off. I might even vote in December for that Democrat guy who is friends with the president who I know likes Porn. I had to go home and watch tv to see some naked people and some good old fashion killing. What’s going on now days when a man has to watch tv to see tons of violence and nudity. It really makes me sick. My dear old Grandma used to say “What you say” and “Ehh” all the time and I learned to love her, but a clean New York…give me a break.
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