Dead or Alive movie (trailer)

Although I am proud in a way that I am know for masturbating at every step, I want you guys to know, That I don’t masturbate to R Rated material. I feel like watching a movie like Dead or Alive, is not only, just a tease, I feel like it is unfair to women. And I hate that.

First off, who needs to see women in tight pants, I can see that on my way to lunch, and I don’t have to listen to any dialoge, written for the sole purpose of making me sick.

Also, I feel like these movies are unfair to women. Not in the fact that they are sexist, but in the way that if falsely shows that these hot women, can act.

Now here is the deal.

When a guy like Steven Segal, says something really stupid before he starts kicking ass, it’s disgusting. But the very idea that these women would talk about breaking a nail, during a fight, is so stupid, that my penis won’t even get hard. Sure I could move it around a little through my pants, hoping that the friction in my underwear get’s me an erection, but that is pushing it.

I don’t like to be titillated. I don’t like to almost see Janet Jackson’s nipple, and I don’t need to see, cat woman, and wish that Haley Berry would fall out of her top.

My erections deserve Real Porno. real naked women, and more nipples then you can shake a stick at.

And my penis gets just that. God bless it

your pal Randy

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