Movies suck now

Last night I went to a double feature horror show to see two great movies. And I learned a thing or two. I learned that your average everyday typical human being, isn’t worth shit. It pains me to no end how incredibly stupid the average person is. Listen carefully, if you pay money to see a movie, then shut up! Keep your stupid mouth from moving for two whole hours. I can do it, and you all know how much I love to talk. Last night a group of kids, had to get all rowdy. So all of a sudden stuff starts flying, the ring leader is yelling and getting kicked out, so I peek my head around and I’m all scared cause he sounds like he is a crypt or a blood, and he is nothing but a skinny wimp ass white kid. He is obviously not embarrassed that he looks like he thinks he is EMENEM. He has got his hat all twisted around, and he has on baggy pants and chains, and he keeps moving his hands like he has seen too many Rap videos. He most definitely had his rap on. He’s like word up n stuff. And I’s like you aint nothin but a skinny white kid N shit. An he’s like I’m gonna be louder than everybody n stuff. An I’m like, but you aint nothing but a skinny white kid, an he’s like I’m gonna put a beat down an stuff, and I’m like but you aint nothing but a skinny white kid, who is currently being kicked out of a movie theater and stuff. I’ll tell you people it was depressing. You know that kid goes home and say stuff like” Yes mom, I am hungry, thank you for keeping my dinner warm.” And “No father, I have not completed my homework, but I will. Kids today, I’ll tell you. I’m glad that my father would have smacked the crap out of me if he saw me act like that in public. The other thing is, once every ten years there is a movie so funny that I can’t help laughing out loud. Why do we feel the need to be heard in in the movie theater. It’s almost like a contest now. Ha Ha ha I’m laughing the loudest. I thought that was Funny ha ha ha. Hey did you see how funny that was! Ha Ha! shut the hell up. Chances are that wasn’t so funny, chances are that you’re not funny. Chances are that nobody likes you. I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies, and people were cool, and respectful. It’s getting to the point where seeing a movie is like riding the bus. You can do it if you want to, but it’s uncomfortable and some smelly man is going to talk to you.


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