Well its thankgiving again and I think we all have a lot to be thankful for. I know that I’m thankful that when my father hit me when I was bad that he only hit hard enouff to knock off my face. I am also glad that I live in america and I dont have to do anything responsible like vote, or spell correctly. Let me tell you guys a little story about a thankgiving we had a long time ago.

It was around noon when the sweet smell of cooked bird floated into my room. My little brother David was watching the Parade on tv sitting there in his pj’s, a little milk mustashce under his nose. So I walked up behind him and smacked him right in the back of the head. His forehead bounced off the tv tube, it was funny. Anyway, I ran into the hallway right smack into Gary, my oldest brother, who sucker punched me in the stomache. I fell down to the ground (cause I know better) and began to cry. David tried to jump over me and get to the kitchen but I caught hold of one of his little pajama bootys and took him right down. Little did we know that our eighty year old grandmther was standing right there and the force of Davids impact sent her down the stairs. Needless to say my dad heard grandma tumble and ran up to see what the hell was interupting the game. It was an all out rumble at this point, grandma had recovered and was on top of Gary smacking him with her slippers,I had David in the best half nelson I ever gave, when SLAM! went the oven door and our dad was coming at us with a half cooked turkey.

anyway I miss my grandma she didn’t make it out of that one.
so have a nice thanksgiving day

your pal R.J.Krandell.

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