Why Vote Republican

God that chick was awful. I’ll tell you folks, If a woman has a huge sore on her ass, stay away from her.

Anyway, what Neil misses, and I hope he agrees with me on this one is…

fuck America.

What Neil doen’t get, with his rolled up jeans and Stray Cats buy America stuff, is that America is based on a thing called capitalism. And that word, is responsible for a lot of wealthy people, and a lot more hungry, poor, sad and dead, people.

And America, couldn’t give a shit about them.

For instance. The Ford Motor company, and american company, de railed the trolley car here in Los Angeles, causing endless amounts of pollution and car wrecks and litter and traffic, All for profit. They have a lot of money, and they have done very bad things with it.

The Ford Motor company can fold tomorrow for all I care and I hope the people who own it, jump out of a fucking window.

The NRA. I think they are American. Why, they are quite rich, and they are responsible for more deaths then all of the terrorists all over the world combined times two. Kids, getting slaughtered in school. They aren’t even on the radar, as being bad for America.

I just finished a little kids book, and got a thousand printed. ( I know, Thanks I love it too!) And you want to know where I got it printed? In the good old USA, actually that’s a lie, I got it printed in Viet Nam. In the good old USA, they wanted to charge more then eight dollars a book, that means I could afford to have three of them printed.

I got it printed at a very reasonable price. I won’t tell, because it would make you sick.

That is called capitalism, and it runs everything. Fuck American, buy over seas

Also don’t believe Neil. We can change things, but we need to start in a different place. I quit eating meat more then four years ago, it’s hard, and it’s stupid. But I feel good knowing that I haven’t given any money to the slaughter of animals, I am taking away from that horrible, horrible business.

It’s stupid, and I would loose every argument that you guys could throw at me, but I don’t care, because I’m making even the smallest of change all by myself.

beat that.

you pal randy


I did like that song Stray Cats strut, so rock on Neil!

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