Re: Welcome

Kirk wrote:

Sorry for the “all”.
Welcome to all the new people here at Tippett.

And that reminds me

Some of us here at Tippett, have been drinking and abusing our body’s for years. Betsy, reminds me that we are coming up on the five year plan. Five years behind the lines making unbelievable computer animated images in films that nobody likes. Except of coarse Starship Troopers. My good friend Eric.P. Reynolds says that if I tell him one more story about how good Troopers was to work on, that he is going to puke blood. Anyway, what I’m getting at is some of us have been here for a long time. And that means by next year other studios are going to think something is wrong with us. Like. “Really, you’ve been there for six years. Couldn’t you get a job anywhere else? Is something wrong with you?” Stuff like that. And me and Besty say.”fuck them” we are going to stay right here until Phil puts his shoe on our face, while Jules pulls at the ankles and Craig beats us with a broom, maybe then we will leave. Uhh, never mind that time that Phil put his shoes in my face and Craig beat me with a stick, we were pantomiming a shot, that was different. Anyway, last friday a bunch of us old folks here were waiting for you NEW people to come outside and have a hunk of cheese and a bit if bread with some pretzels. EVERYBODY WENT HOME. Now, I know you people have lives, and all that stuff, but god darn it, we want to party with you people. We are sick of our own company, we have told each other the same story’s over and over. Have you ever had a beer with Gurden? The guy is inaudible. Xian? I never know what the hell he is talking about. I’m telling you , it’s sick. So here is the deal. Betsy and I are going to throw a party. We are going to have it at a bar, so we can all puke. We are going to call it ..”The What the hell have you been doing for the last five years” Party. And we want you all to come. Be our friends, be my friend. We will give you about a weeks warning so you can pencil it in. And for gods sake come on outside on a friday and have a cracker,with some cheese on it.

don’t make me write these letters

your pal


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