Fat fuck kid

Fat hog like child kills majestic animal with a handgun.

I think this should be the title of the story, but it’s not. Now there is talk that the animal isn’t really that big, but I’ll tell you what the real tragedy is.

It’s that the fat little boy didn’t even get mauled by this amazing animal. Personally I wish the Gigantic Pig killed this little asshole in front of his parents before killing them, but I never get my way.

This story is proof of a couple of things. Number one. Any eleven year old can kill something if you have a gun. And number two people suck dick. First off, and lets be straight, I have said this before. I believe that anyone should be allowed to hunt anything they want. Even exotic animals like Tigers and Gorillas,

with a knife.

You want to hunt lions, go right ahead. I would love to have seen this picture if the kid had a knife. The little fat boy would look like red tissue paper.

Also, I think it should be a crime to be able to get fat eating meat.

Think about it for a second. That fat little kid, doesn’t he get enough to eat? It sure looks like it. I like to see that kid get fat on a fruit cup. It’s not possible. Now I’m not making fun of fat people. But getting fat on other animals misery is fucked up.

Why is it that we have no respect for anything? I bet you that fat little piece if shit believes in God. Can you imagine how stupid you would have to be to believe in God, and kill animals? Or have them killed for you?

Also, what is this desire we have to kill shit. I’ve never looked at an animal ever in my life and had the desire to kill it? When I was a kid I used to eat it, but that’s because I was stupid see, and then I grew up and actually thought about things, then I changed my ways.


The only desire I have is to fuck women, that’s it. That and have some ice cream. Sometimes both.

I really wish that people would start to see life for what it is. I wish that people could see what it is that they are doing, and eating, and knock it off.

I know bacon taste good, I don’t disagree. But put the fucking sandwich down you fat fuck and have a fruit cup.

Your Pal Randy

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