Jim Henson. The thing about that guy, that I find most amazing, over all of the other things that are said about him. Is the fact that nobody I know, or have ever talked to, dislikes the fucking Muppets. I mean, Mickey Mouse, the icon, is hated by some people, I’m not saying that they are right or wrong, I’m just saying that Mickey Mouse bothers some people.

But not fucking Kermit.


Now I know that anyone could write back and say that you don’t like the Muppets, or that you in fact hate Kermit, but I don’t fucking believe you. Forget it.

That’s because the Muppets ruled. Ernie and Burt, unbelievable

Also, most of us who are reading this work in a field where you have three to five people commenting about your stuff, and you are spending Months making the shit look right.

and Ernie had mouth open and mouth closed. Ran the entire emotional range, happy to sad, to anything. Open and closed. Genius.

Our shit looks good people, don’t get me wrong. The stuff that has been coming out is awesome.

But you can’t beat some arms hot glued to sticks.

Your pal randy

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