I’ll tell you why I’ll vote Republican

First off, because I’m scared of being attacked by brown people. And it gives me a false sense of wealth. Also I hate niggers, Chinks, and Spics, and all non whites. Oh, and Injuns.

Most of all I hate faggots, the faggots that I’m not fucking I mean.

I could give a shit about the environment, and I’d like to keep women down if I can. Which I can.

But most of all, when I drive around in my gas guzzling SUV, I like to hide behind a fake pride, about being just mediocre enough to have an opinion that learned on tv. It makes me feel better knowing that if I don’t think about it at all, My middle class life has some purpose.

And fuck all of those dummy’s who are fighting for me in Iraq, because it’s time to fill up my truck.

America rules!

your pal randy

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