Re: as if we didn’t know

Actually I was at Alfa beta, one time, and I coordinated an extreme attack on a women’s baddonka donk, with a bit of slappidus, but she countered with a no noosky, leaving my penis wanty and hurty with rejection.

I never know what the hell you guys are talking about but i do know this…

Hackers and people who make viruses are a bunch of fags, and I don’t mean people of the same sex who like each other either. It’s not fair that when I want to masturbate, some asshole gets my computer all locked up. If you are going to make a virus and fuck someone up, do it to those asshole who are looking up or the new Curious George movie.

lets look at some facts.

It is most likely that the people creating viruses are men. Why? because I don’t think women give enough of a shit about computers to spend there time creating a virus. And if you are a women spending your time creating viruses, then you should get Beheaded on video.

And if you are a man, and you are interfering with another mans masturbation pleasure, then you are an asshole. That is fucking science, I’m sorry.


I don’t care if it’s a PC or a Mac, I’ll cum on it.

your pal Randy

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