San Fran gun fight

What happened to America? This place sucks now.

I know a lot of you hear me talk about getting laid, and I overuse the joke, but I have some serious questions. First off, What is so cool about being “hard” It’s what I have always hated the direction that Rap music took, this bullshit “Hard thing, that everyone is so fucking excited about. How come everyone thinks they are hard? and what is so great about it? I swear to God I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents who are seventy five started rapping with their Glock n shit.

It’s fucking stupid.

Your not hard if you shoot somebody, your just an asshole. Any seven year old kid can shoot somebody, as a matter of fact, they are doing it everyday out there. I’ll tell you who was “Hard” Jeffery Dammar. Because he actually ate the persons head. That’s “hard” And lets just cut to the chase, If Rap music was so fucking great, then why is it that any white asshole can mimic it? How many white guys out there are doing James Brown, or Barry White? I’ll tell you …none. Because they can’t. Even a tool like Kfed can do Rap music. because it fucking sucks.

We in the entertainment industry had better start coming up with some new material, because we are to blame in a big way. These idiots watch tv and movies and copy it. Little kids think that they are hardcore. The shame is, that I can watch a violent movie and not think I’m Scarface, but then again,
that’s why I rule so much.

Also, this is what kills me the most. It is easier and more acceptable to get into a fight or kill someone then it is to get laid in this country. For some reason the violence meter is out of control, but we have a big problem with gay people getting married. Who’s’ dumb fucking rules are those?

Fox news would have you believe that the terrorists are a real threat to the USA, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the amount of Americans, that Americans have killed. In the last ten years, Terrorists including 911, have killed about four thousand civilians. Americans have killed that many in this year alone. Any gun laws coming our way? Nope, oh, I was wrong, only the law that it is now ok, to sell someone a fucking machine gun. Good thinking.

Some asshole walks into a school and kills a bunch of kids. what does the media suggest? Maybe the teachers should have guns? Not should we get rid of them, only that we may need more. They should all get fired.

As a joke I always suggest to women, that they should go over seas and fuck the shit out of our enemy’s. If you want to solve the problem. And women get so angry at that. But here is the real question. Since America was founded, men, have been putting down their lives. Getting shot or blinded or blown up, losing legs and arms. I’m suggesting that we go over there and do something that actually feels good to do. Fuck the shit out of everybody, and to this people get upset. At the idea of doing something that feels good.

think about that.

Good job ruining San Francisco on Halloween night, you are soo street and soo hard.

You also need to get laid

your pal Randy

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