fuck them

I think America needs to pick a fight with both Iran, and Mexico, shit I would throw Canada in there too because those assholes are all over the place and they don’t do shit, except take away all of the special effects jobs in california just like the Mexicans.

If it were up to me, I would have a war on drugs, a war in Iraq, A war with Iran, and a war with the Mexicans and also the Canadians and what the hell I would also have a war on women, and their stupid rights to have a baby or not. I would also combine wars like they combine stars who date, like Bennifer. I would call it operation Iraqieran, and bomb all of those fucks. Why I would even bet those two countries are close enough that when we show em really how to use a nuke, we can just use one big bomb.

Also, who the fuck do women think they are with all of this abortion talk, guess what? fuck you bitch. I had a talk with Jesus and he says fuck you too. maybe if you girls could go back to not having an orgasm, our sperm won’t find you egg. How about that? Use your heads for once.

Also, Fuck all of you gay people. God dammit do you people make me angry. Always being gay and shit. Why don’t you try and be like me…not gay. I used to like to watch E entertainment now, it should be called caddy comments from gay men. get over it, your not really gay you’re faking.

I’ve got another gripe. My fucking truck isn’t big enough. I need a rope ladder to get in it, but I still feel like it isn’t enough. It’s also not fast enough. I wish our boys over there in Iraq would hurry up, because it cost me two hundred dollars to fill it up. It’s black, but I hate black

That reminds me. Can you black people keep it to just sports?

Also, Can Asian guys go back to loving Americans? I don’t know where I heard it, but I think I remember hearing that Asian people loved Americans. Now you guys walk around and act all black. Quit saying, ” You know what I’m saying?” Your not black, and besides, they just promised to go back to just excelling in sports. Leave music to white people, we know what we are doing. You can’t top REO Speedwagon, so forget it.

America, just needs to get back on track. I’m sorry to say that all of you people of color and gay people and women have fucked it all up. I think if we just close our doors and nuke the shit out of everyone else, we will be ok. And if we could all just listen to a little speedwagon.

oh and Global warming is for faggots, thats a scientific fact

your pal Randy

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