myEarthLink News Article – Hillary Lashes Out at Ann Coulter

The only thing more discouraging, then Ann coulter and Hillary Clinton, is that you people actually believe in any of that shit. I think you have a better chance of salvation thinking that the guy from the movie cocoon is going to come down to earth and make you young again and interested in banging your ugly wife.

Here is some reality for you. You think America is a democracy, and you think that you are liberal, and what is worse, you think your vote actually matters. And you wonder if what we are doing in Iraq is a good idea, and maybe you should support the troops.

But of coarse that is all in your mind.

The fact is that the whole Middle East hates you, and so does Italy, and France and fucking Botswana and Ireland. But it goes even deeper. because the people in Africa hate you, because you are a pig in shorts. and all of the animals everywhere hate you because your tv is sitting where their home was, and Cows and pigs and chickens and fish think you’re a fucking asshole. Turkeys want to kick the shit out of you a couple times a year.

But the best part is, that your own country hates you. And music and tv and movies, are all designed to make you think that you are intellectual because you watched the news and they told you what some asshole named Ann Coulter said. Meanwhile today, you just gave almost half of you check to a bunch of people who not only hate you, but laugh their balls off , as you spend the rest of your check, filling up that gigantic truck you thought you would buy after watching about a thousand tv commercials explaining what an asshole you are.

Guess what? everyone in high school hated you. And if someone put a gun to you head and said “You have thirteen weeks to get laid or I’ll shoot ” you would be fucking dead.

So maybe you have to worry a little bit more then if Asshole number one, or fuckwad number two is going to win “best dressed” in the fake Dog and Pony show. Instead maybe you should but the new Fity Cents cd and find out how much money he has, and how many bitches he just had sex with, and then maybe check in with Paris to see how much she just spent on shoes.

Do me a favor. Pretend that the news is a daily report card.

We just got an F.


Your pal Randy


Rap Music sucks dick

and that is supported by science folks. Sure I love the crazy beats and all of of the coolness. Those funny hand gestures and tons of women getting paid to act like whores, I love it.

but it need to go where Phil Collins went.

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