Nice one…

I’ll tell you

And this is coming from someone who tries to get people angry. There is no difference between Ann Coulter and Howard Stern, except their audience.

Both people know that the more trouble they cause, the more famous they get. I tend to like Howard Stern, because I tend to like hookers and prostitutes.

But don’t think that little miss Ann or fox news don’t know for a second what they are doing, and that they don’t know that their true audience used to watch American Gladiator and Cops. So don’t get so upset.

Also, there is a bigger fact to deal with. Here is my personal problem. I want peace on Earth, and kindness towards all mankind, and at the same time I fucking hate people. On one hand I want these bombings to stop, and at the same time on my commute to work I imagine everyone running down the road with their skin falling off their bodies and their skulls exploding.

Because people fucking suck.

So who cares if they die? And who cares if our country is being run into the dirt by bum penis? Who cares if all of these stupid people pay five bucks at the pump to fill up their street yacht? Who cares how many soldiers die, and how many people they kill? Fuck them.

The republicans can have it. They can have the whole fucking mess. Great job, it’s all yours and every time some kid gets killed by a gun, I say, “well I guess that what you people want” so stop fucking complaining. It’s not what I would do, but fuck that little kid, because we like our guns
Hooray for America!

Enjoy your life and get a hooker

your pal Randy

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