A list that should make you mad

I’ve never voted. Not once in my life. And I’m pushing forty. Am I part of the problem? You fucking bet I am. It would be great if I would go out there and cast a vote, but I wont. And that is because I couldn’t give a shit. I am lazy, and stoned just about every waking hour of the day.

The thing is, that most everyone I know is just like me. Those of you who feel you are different, I want to remind you, that casting your political views on a chat line, surrounded by artists and cg geeks, is about as political as smoking a joint and listening to rock music.

Sure Bush is an asshole, and a liar, and maybe even a cocksucker. But who is he fucking over? People. And who gives a shit about other people? the answer is…nobody does. Not one of us has done anything to help anyone. We make movies about spaceships and asshole robots. Then we eat dinner and masturbate.

That is about it.

Bush is doing what he is doing, because we let him, and in a way, we love it. He is like a dog at the food bowl eating as much as he can. And what does it really matter? really? in the end. A whole bunch of innocent people die, and a bunch of dumb American kids die too. So what. What are any of us going to do about it? send some emails?

And before you feel too bad about the fact that you are as lazy as me, think about this.

Spaceships are kind of cool, and masturbating to pictures of people who wouldn’t ever talk to you, is awesome. If you are going to be pretend, I say, pretend that the women in the Victoria Secret catalogue actually want you. This way you are only really lying to yourself.

Your pal Randy

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