The looney Liberal Left

One thing that has always bothered me about the tactics of the tv news opinion anchors, Like Bill O Reilly and that turd Shawn Hannity, is how they paint the Liberal Left as crazy and bad for the country. I have to give it to them, because they are really smart, at least smart enough to cause the Left a lot of damage.

For instance. When one of those pieces of shit, talk about the Left, they talk about how it hates America because it won’t completely support George Bush or something like that, then when they want to execute a candidate, Like lets say Barrack, they say stuff like.” Barrack has been seen at a convention where the Looney far Left is, you know the people who hate our country. Why is he hanging out with these people.”

But they never really have a good explanation as to why the far left is really bad for the country. Except for the fact that we hate America or some shit.

Now I’m Liberal, as a matter of fact, I’m more liberal then most people. Politically, I don’t know shit. I’m pretty dumb to politics and world events, any asshole can write a email with a whole bunch of facts, and I’ve got nothing to say. I don’t care about facts.

But I’m really, really liberal.

Now here is the fucked up thing, and proof that all if it is bullshit..

Shawn Hannity and Bill O’reilley are a lot more Liberal then me. Tons more as a matter of fact.

For instance. I am really conservative when it comes to gun control. Those guys are about as looney left as you can get when it comes to people owning guns. I think that right should get fucking torn off the constitution, and every one who has a gun should get rounded up and slapped in the face, and then peed on in public. Fuck you, we’ve taken your rights away.

Those guys are pretty Liberal when it comes to people having guns.

Also, I think it should be illegal to practice religion. I think all religions and all religion people should get chased down the street by people with Science books and we should be allowed to stone them to death by throwing science books at them.

Every sigh everywhere since the beginning of time, has pointed to the fact that religion is not just bad for us, but really bad. Every War, ever kid fucked in his little hiney, every idiot who kills their fucking family and last but not least every dummy who even tries to talk about God and not sound like an asshole. Which, by the way is impossible. ( I know you’re afraid to die, Me too! get over it. Nobody needs your bullshit about a better place.) I’d believe you more if you told me that ET was going to come and eat my Recess Pieces.

Shawn Hannity is Extremely Liberal when it comes to God and talking about all of that stupid shit. So is papa Bill and the rest of them.

They are also very, very very Liberal about the USA invading a country that didn’t attack us and the people responsible getting away with Murder.

I could keep going but you see my point. Don’t let them fool you. Everyone is Liberal about something. There really is no such thing.

I love you people. Remember try and go out tonight and score some ass. And if you don’t mind me saying so, try and mix it up, maybe a flavor that you haven’t had yet. The world needs us to get together and fuck like animals.

Your pal Randy

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