helping people

People always ask me if I could do anything, if I had one wish what would it be?

Would it be helping starving children? Or cure Aids, or cleaning up the environment? Or maybe making the world a safer place for children?

The answer is of coarse, I’d take a shit on Rob Zombies face for his remake of Halloween.

And I have to tell you people, it’s the one time that I’d wish that I had diarrhea. Badly.

Now the truth be told I’ve kind of always hated Rob Zombie, mainly because a good friend of mine was in White Zombie, and they told me nothing but real horror stories about how he screwed just about every artist that worked for him, and everything that you contributed he owned. Kind of like those dicks over at Disney.

But now I hate him because he has ruined something that I have always liked. That being Halloween.

Now, let me help that stupid asshole if he ever gets a chance to read this letter. Next time you are ruing a good movie, and you want the killer to be badass, try having him kill innocent people.

They spent the first half hour of the movie showing a young Mike Myers and his family, and unlike the good one, done a long time ago . Rob, decided to make Mikes parents the kind of people you would want to kill. First off everyone in the movie has long hair. If that’s not stupid enough. But then his step dad is an alcoholic and curses at everyone, it’s just plain awful writing.

See in the original movie his parents weren’t important, therefore they were in the movie for two seconds. And they weren’t cruel people, they were loving parents who gave birth to a monster.

It makes my man Mike all the crazier. Because there is no reason for him to go on the killing spree, except that he is evil. See?

I won’t get into the rest of the movie. But I will say this.

Fuck you Rob Zombie. Go back to music and make a Rap album.

your pal Randy

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