When I opened up my hotmail. I felt a sadness. I asked, I said, “hotmail. why are you so sad?, what’s wrong?” Then I saw my inbox. And I held my inbox close, and cried with it. I told my inbox that I was sorry and that it was my fault. Then I began the arduous task of deleting. All of the emails that were titled RE: [jerky] Re: FW: STOP THIS BILL: S.1959.

Hurtful. I’m glad that I am stoned right now, because by the time one of you posted the picture of the law book, I thought I was going kill my dogs. And if it wasn’t for the mellow, great feeling of some good weed, I’d feel like my inbox….. sad.

Could you people do me a favor and spice it up a little bit? Here is my suggestion, every time you write in, and excpecially if you are going to add a picture, and your statement with the last time that you had an orgasm, so I could put it in context and not be so bored. I’ll give you an example.

“Oh, yeah?, well I think thing that, this bill if enacted into law, it could easily be used by whichever party is in power to scare, punish and silence dissent – anything that does not support the party in power and enlists others though education/information could be considered “homegrown terrorism”

and I just just jerked off to hot ebony ass, and while I write this, my cap is sticking to my underwear”


See? wouldn’t that make it a little more fun?

Think about it, that’s all I’m saying.

Your pal Randy

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