Re: another way to argue the point

Global warming, The environment, Racism.

whenever I read these emails, I get one image stuck in my mind. I see a little boy, with a kenner Darth Vader and an Obie Wan that you can’t bend at the elbows, locked away in their room, while other kids outside are playing football and actually having fun. And when I read a letter from Joseph, I see a little pre cum dripping from the head of a very small red penis.

This, is about as important as any of our conversations are. I can’t stress enough that we as a group don’t do shit about anything, except maybe work on movies that nobody wants to watch. We don’t even make them, we work on them. This means if it wasn’t for somebody to tell us we’ll get fired if we don’t get to work, we wouldn’t even do that.

The only thing that I like, scratch that, love about Joseph, is his willingness to be hated. And I love more then anything to reach in here and slap the many stupid things he comes up with. I wish he would show up to my house in the morning so I could slap him in the face while I have a cup of coffee, and I’m almost sure that he would like it. But it is illegal, I’m sad to say.

If there was any Justice, Joseph would be the only person in America that would get drafted. And I know that there isn’t a god, because no matter how much I pray, he isn’t answering that one.

I really think that it would merit any argument that we are having, if you also talked about what it is that you are doing to help anybody. At least Jason goes on a fucking Aids walk, and does something about it. Or Katie runs a marathon, which I would of loved to see her all sweaty in some tight pants and stuff. But anyway, this verbal masturbation is getting pretty beat.

It’s a cock fight with soft a soft penis

Personally, I don’t give a shit what happens. I’m too lazy. You can pave the entire planet for all I care, Bush could be president for the next fifty years, and every different race in America can go fuck themselves. I haven’t met a person that I have liked in about twenty years, so why the fuck should I care what happens to people. If Global Warming is real, that means that a whole bunch of assholes will die. Probably me too.

but one thing is for sure

I’ll be jerking off when it happens

Your pal Randy

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