the sharing of knowledge

Q: how willing should one be to share production/pipeline knowledge with one’s current employer that came from time spent at another?

I wouldn’t tell them shit.

For two reasons. Number one, by the scientific graph of humans, it has been calculated that nine out of ten people are assholes and five out of ten, deserve to die. Now, this isn’t my personal opinion. I like people. It’s science. And math.

Also, how much do you make? Do you make enough money that you feel like just sharing some secrets so these assholes can make some more money and then tell you that you are doing a good job? I say make em pay for it. At the very least with hookers or something.

I used to give out advice to computer guys about women all the time. Simple stuff, like if you don’t pee on the toilet seat, women respect that. And if you take down the action figures from your desk, she might just go to lunch with you. Stuff like that. And do you think anybody sent me any kickback? like, “Randy that was good information, and my new girlfriend is going to blow you under your desk while you surf porn.”


I say make them pay for it.

Your pal Randy

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