Star Wars


Now as many of you know. I had the Kenner Darth Vader action figure, when I was seven. And I played with it. That was until my penis started working, then I played with that instead.

What is it about Star Wars that makes gown people act like such assholes? Is it because these people never found their penis? I say penis because the Star Wars geek is slanted just slightly to the boys side. Slightly.

I don’t get it.

Spaceships are wonderful, under two very specific circumstances. One is that you are seven. And the other one is that you work for Nasa. The rest of us should by all practical means, be bored out of our minds by spaceships.

Now I know that most of us work for some visual effects company, and at the and of the day after you masturbate you might tell yourself that the childish peter pan thing that makes so many women sick, is justified because you work in special effects.

and to this I say When has ILM put out anything worth watching? Let me guess Van Helsing? Or was it attack of the clones?

I want you to look down at you desk right now. And if you see an action figure and you are not seven years old, I want you to throw it away.

If we keep acting like this, our kids will be born without sex organs

Your pal Randy

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