Arnold the Weiner

I never really liked Arnold as a governor, until I found out he was banging the maid, and I’ve always like Wiener who is in the shithouse now for sending pictures of himself to the ladies on line.

here’s my question. Is anybody surprised? Even a little?

First off. Why is this such a crime? We’ve got millions of years of evolution of men trying to fuck everything that moves. And now it’s nothing but shame. Why did men let this happen? The list goes on. Tiger Woods, blah blah blah.

The only time I have an issue with it, is when they are super right wing assholes trying to take away gay peoples right or something and then they get caught sucking somebody dick in the bathroom. But I still don’t get why we have this charade.
Men need to stick up for themselves or we are doomed. We are all going to be forced to have Justin Beiber hair.

I was tipped off to this when that stupid queer eye for the straight guy show was popular. A whole bunch of gay dudes got together with a wife and they conspired to take the man out of their husbands, made him tuck his shirt in and everything and then the wife cried at the end of the show because her husband turned gay for her.

is this what women really want?

The answer is no it’s not. Woman want to have their man slap the guy trying to make him wear a purple silk shirt and dive through a window with both middle fingers extended and get the fuck out of there.

early man used to get together and go hunting, not because the family was hungry but to get the fuck away from the women who won’t stop nagging. This is never going to change. never, and it shouldn’t.

Men are men, take it or leave it.

You can be the prettiest women on earth and the coolest. We still want to fuck your friend, the ugly one. You don’t believe me? I have two words for you

Elisabeth Hurley

UI rest my case.

Stand up for yourselves guys It’s time.

Bill Clinton did a pretty good job even though he fucks fat chicks, It doesn’t matter. It never did

your pal randy

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