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I just read an article called Porn desensitisation a growing issue in a hardcore world By Naomi Wolf

In the article Naomi talks about the new surge in powerful men getting caught sexting or with mistresses and the male brain and what damage porn has on boys and men. Naomi points out our choice, and our addiction. Naomi talks about how porn lets out dopamine in the brain and that makes us feel good. But she does bring up the subject of us being responsible for our choices. And by this I mean, men being responsible for our choices.

OK, first off. A women writing an article about men’s sexuality is as valid as me writing an article about why women act the way they do during menopause. I could write an article describing why women get emotional when they are pre menstruating, but everyone, and I mean everyone would agree that I was off my rocker and I could never understand how women feel. And they would be right.

What would be even more insulting would be if I suggested that women be responsible for their actions while they were pre menstruating.

We live in a world where we are held up to a spiritual higher power. We are not looked at as people from the natural world, this is why for the most part, things don’t make any sense. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say two men fight over a property line. The fight gets out of hand and somebody gets hurt. By Gods standard these two men are Evil, and something must have taken control of their spirits to make them behave so badly. You will never be able to understand what got into their heads. Why they would act like that.

If you look at it that we are in fact apes, the whole situation makes perfect sense. Because that is what apes do.

Two men, one hot chick, a bar, and some drinks. We can all conclude there will most likely be a fight.

What Naomi is trying to do is to explain why Rams butt horns. Dopamine means nothing to the Rams I promise you.

I suspect that this whole thing is in fact much deeper. I suspect that like all women in all relationships she knows the truth. and is trying her hardest to change the populations ideas on the way we see women. For one thing, never, and I mean never, ever in all of the articles about porn do women talk about the other women in porn who are getting paid a lot of money to turn men on, all over the world. What about those women choices? They can choose to not be photographed nude or filmed sucking three dicks at one?

I’m glad they do I would never want them to change.

I think women know that they are always holding on to a thin thread when it comes to their husbands and boyfriends. they are afraid because It is a sexually unequal relationship. I’ve said it before Gay men are equal, the rest of us suffer.

Men need to stand up. Anthony Weiner and Tiger Woods and Arnold, should have walked up to the microphone and said.. Which one of you ladies want to fuck me? The line would be out the door. Instead they slobber and cry and go into some fake ass therapy. while their wives get half.

The day I get the money and power I’m going Hue Hefner like a mother fucker. Shit, I do it now, when I go to massage parlors I always take two chicks. Why get just one when you can get two?

It is the reason I’m so excited that Chris Hanson got busted. it’s not that it validates child fucking, it”s that that judgmental asshole who made a career about busting men and asking “What went through your mind?” couldn’t help himself. Sweet young ass got the better of him. So much so that he took a picture of his penis and texted it to a women. Not his wife by the way.

Why are we made to feel bad about our sexuality? Why? because it’s not like theirs? Fuck that.

Women I have something to say to you and I want you to really really think about it. Look outside, go for a drive, whatever you want. take it in. Then think about this.
Every single thing you see. Every building every truck every road everything…men did that shit. That toilet you used, we invented that. This doesn’t mean that we are better then you by any stretch, I’m trying to make a point so calm down and listen….

We made all that shit, every boat, the pyramids, cars trucks toys fireplaces bricks nails tacks yarn electricity shoes phones TVs news slacks underwear combs brushes you name it. we did that shit. And we did it on our own. We thought it up and we made it. You know why?

To get fucking laid.

if you’ve got have a brain you’ll invite your girlfriend over tonight and make her blow your fella, He deserves it. Your relationship deserves it. And he will love you more then you’ve ever been loved in your entire life.

and that’s nothing to be afraid of

Your pal Randy

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