The World Today

I love what is going on in the world today.

I love it.

I was watching the news this morning, and I was thinking about the people who are fighting, and this goes for Americans as well, and I got this great feeling that we are really killing the shit out of each other. And do you know who is killing the shit out of each other? Assholes and dummy’s. God bless them.

Now me and my friends, we don’t get into that shit. we get wasted and try to get laid, and when we can’t do that, we go home and “pull it” and then get a sandwich, maybe. That is an awesome way to live.

Anyone who thinks that their religion is worth getting shot over, please stand in this line, as a matter of fact, anyone who wants to pull a gun on someone, please sign up over here, and get your hiney into some battle.

The great part about all of it, is that I don’t have to be involved at all, I can just go home and pull it. I wish that the innocent people, who like me, just want to pull it, didn’t get killed by those asshole who want to fight, but I say get the hell out of there!

I’ve got no religion, I think people should be able to have sex with whatever they want, except maybe kids, that’s a little much, but if you want to fuck a donkey, And the Donkey is ok with it. I say go to it. I think people should get wasted all the time, and be able to say to their boss, “I’m sorry but I’m too high right now.” and I think that we should have masturbation stations all over the place.

Lets face it, if you are going to have billboards everywhere with seventeen year old girls on their hands and knees and you aren’t going to let a guy like me bang that, I think you should allow a fucking masturbation booth. Be fair.

And I think that all of these people who are volunteering to make more room on the planet by dying for their beliefs are awesome. And I support it.

Your pal Randy

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