the difference between Macs and PCs

One time on my system I was typing some Mac shit with some pc shit on top, and I felt like the product I was looking for more IBM see, then I looked at the motherboard and realized that it was all linix like. and that was uncool.

Here is the bottom line.

Computer talk makes women’s vagina’s get dry.

If you want to talk about scientific facts, talk about that. Because I don’t have a vagina, and mine is dry from just reading your emails. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong on this one. Because all across the nation there are thousands of dry vaginas just because of the kind of shit that you people are talking about.

Here is how you solve it. Tonight go to a strip club. If you still live in San Francisco I suggest “The Market Street Cinema” because those girls are really disgusting, I know, I’ve had sex with many of them.

So anyway, go there tonight, it will cost you about fifty bucks, I know that is hard since most men who work in visual effects are the cheapest basterds on the planet, but anyway, go in there, and sit with a stripper. She should be wearing a bikini, and she should also be ready to take you into the back room and do stuff to you that was in the movie that you watched last night.

Ask her about the difference between Apple and Mac or PC and what she thought about the movie Cat Woman.

Then watch her stare at you as her vagina gets dry.

But I love you, and all of your computer talk makes my penis wet

your pal Randy

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