sex in the classroom

Ok, am I crazy or did America take a right hand turn, and become a place that sucks so bad I want to move to Mexico city and beg for food? What the fuck is going on around here?

Let’s take a little recap

Number one, We invade Iraq. Cool. Fuck those people we need that oil. Then the Supreme court goes conservative, and basically becomes as questionable as the meat on that taco supreme that you just ate and is making you have to poop. Fixed elections, and nothing but shame for a president who gets a blowjob.

Then we start building a wall to keep out Mexico, but we don’t do it like the Chinese, we do it like good old Americans and make our wall out of some two by fours, and some chicken wire, so it will last about as long as the car you just bought. And I guess it’s ok, for the police to bust in your door if they think you are not up to snuff.

The media have all turned into a toy commercial for everyone who wants to fuck you out of having an opinion. And thinks that maybe you should check with your doctor before buying their drugs. Rap music takes hold and people are now concerned about their Lexus car. Alaska can go fuck it’s self because if we’re not going to drill there, we will most certainly poison all of it’s wildlife with some mercury, but don’t worry because according to comic books, you might get some special powers. Like “dying guy” or whatever.

Florida is about to go underwater, and apparently if you give starving, poor, people credit cards because a hurricane took made it so that grandpa floated down the river, they will just take a vacation.

Bill Orielley is still alive. nobody has killed him, and some asshole named Ann coulter just wrote a book stating that if you are liberal, god is going to fucking kill you.

And now sexy teachers are going to jail, for doing something that I personally masturbated about fifteen million times since high school.

I hope it gets so bad that people loose their rights all together. I hope women have to ask permission to go outside and that they have to wear blankets because we might get turned on by their bodies. I also hope that you have to get permission to have sex.

We fucking deserve it.

ps, another reason I hate the gigantic truck you just bought and are so proud of, is that every time I am at a stoplight and I want to check out a little tail, you drive up next to me and block everything. All I can see is a huge red door that says Tundra on it. You are a fucking asshole, and I hope they get you first.

Your pal Randy

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