Mighty Joe Disney

Mighty Joe Young

Ok, so I saw the big Gorilla movie. How can I put this……Uhhh……Ummmmm…….Boring. It’s not just that it sucked, it’s that it sucked and it was boring. Here is the deal. Way back in the 40’s they were milking the whole King Kong thing for one more drop, and so they made Mighty Joe Young, And it was surprisingly good. Not the best story,…no. Not the best acting, but good enough to make you sit through it until the big gorilla came. And lets face it. The stop motion animation was so darn good that it is still worth watching today. That funny old guy who did those Sinbad movies did a lot of the animation and it was pretty darn good stuff. So ok now it’s the 90’s and Disney is gonna do it justice, so they get that funny guy who does all the ape stuff in the movies Rick Backer to make the Monkey suit, and they get some other people to do the cg (that’s computer graphics) stuff because the big gorilla can’t climb up on things. And so the truth is It looked great. I enjoyed all of the big gorilla stuff. Didn’t look like cg (computer graphics) and I will buy it when it comes out on Video and fast forward to the monkey stuff. Here is the problem. If I could just take a baseball bat and beat the actors to death every time they talk It would be a much better movie experience. Blah, blah, blah. Talk talk talk. duh duh duh. Why didn’t they kill Bill pacston or however you spell his name, in Twister. God he sucks. And the blonde girl who is his human friend, I would love to do that scene in The Untouchables, when Robert Dinero or however you spell his goddamn name does the Regge Jackson on that guy at the glass table. Hollywood sooner or later is gonna figure out that kids aren’t that stupid, and that you can make a movie where you don’t force feed the audience dumb crackers for seven fifty and make them watch a bunch of pathetic acting with some stupid story while they wait for the special effects. And one more thing, The sequel thing is bad enough, I understand that the tv generation has no ideas because they are about as dumb as sticks. But if you are going to redo something that was done fifty years ago, I would suggest watching the original, and at least try to make the new one almost as exciting to watch.

well there you go.

your pal R.J.Krandell

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