I was watching that E entertainment show the other day, about the three playboy bunny’s, and Hue Heffner. and I have to say, I had more respect for Hue, before I saw that show.

If I was that rich, I would pay those women to shut the fuck up, when I walked into a room.

If there is a god, I want to know why he (or she) would make something as beautiful as Tyra Banks, and then let her be so stupid and annoying, that she can make a penis soft.

Can you imagine, Tyra talking to you? Sitting around in your house and talking to you? I’d fucking kill her.

I mean, I’m glad Hef is banging some women, and I think it’s the American dream. But why oh lord do they have to be so stupid.

Does a guy like Hef need to hear about what her dog was wearing? Or how they looked in boots? And is a vagina so great, that anyone can stand that much talking about nothing?

I know men suck, but that’s another email all together.

Women of America

one word

fuck you

Your pal randy

I’m not talking about all of you smart ugly women, you’re different.

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