Eye patch

These pictures remind me, that as a group of people, we are fucking ugly. Not just that group, in the pictures, but all of us. The special effects crowd. Chubby dudes in horrible shirts with goatees. Sure we’re beautiful inside, but who the fuck cares about that. I’ll tell you.


wait that’s wrong. your momma cares.

If where I worked, they suggested that I wear an eye patch so that I could take a picture by an Oscar, I think I would burn the place down, or kill myself. I’d shoot myself through the eye patch.

Now let me say right here and now, that the work in Pirates was awesome. I don’t doubt that these people really kicked ass on it,

I’m just commenting on how ugly we all are.

ESC had some hot people working there, but most of them got fired. I got “quit fired.” It depends on who you ask I guess. Also I’m not saying I was one of the hot ones. I’m quite ugly. I only get laid because I pay for it.

Your pal randy

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