Global worming update

You know what makes me upset. Nobody fights for the right to party anymore? What happened to that? Did you all just give up? Or are you partying right now? Holy fuck. Is that awesome.

Here is the deal. Lets get this out on the table. We’re fucked.

The Dinosaurs about seventy million years ago, looked at each other and said, ” Oh fuck!” and that was it. They are gone.

My question is, what does it matter? Scientist on the payroll, and Global warming is fake or not. Or the fact that not only does Fox news suck, but they all do?

What does any of this matter.  These emails that you guys send are a bunch of facts, sure, but what is it that you are looking for? What is the end result of this conversation? Who knows more facts?

I say it over and over again, What has anyone writing or reading this thread, done to help anybody today? If I had to guess, Id say, like me, you did nothing. Bravo.

Now, before you go feeling bad about yourself, I want you to think about this. People don’t deserve it anyway. The general population of people on this planet don’t deserve shit. Bunch of assholes if you ask me.

I wish that everybody on my commute this morning got global warming in their fucking faces. And everybody on the news, and everybody telling the news. And everybody fighting in a war right now, and those old assholes who came up with the war.

I wish that every racist asshole and every homophobic faggot and everyone who believes in religion, would get a huge dose of global warming right up their fucking ass.

I also hope that if it does all go down in a ball of flames,and the world is over,that you bitches might give up a little sex on our last day on this planet, because I’m fucking sick of paying for it.

Your pal Randy

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