Re: The People vs. John Ashcroft

I’m sorry that if ANYONE ( wes ) is annoyed, but if there’s one thing this last election should have taught us, it is :


Now you folks are getting a little all fired up here! And I’d like to point out the advantages to being uninvolved always and a lots! Let’s face it, Politics and womanly issues can make a feller bunchy. I remember when Regan was in Grenada, and he said that all those little Grenada kids couldn’t go on welfare cause they were un american. Or the time when he said that, …uh… he said that…Well REGAN SUCKS! Anyway the point is, that Chips Ahoy Chocolate chip cookies are much better than Graham Crackers. And I’ll stand by that one. I don’t see why you people are fiddling around with Ergonomics and all that while we are in the middle of an Chocolate Chip Crisis. When was the last time that any of you dunked a chips ahoy in a cold glass of milk. Last night for me. Where you been? Your priorities are all screwed up! Nobody knows who right, but we all like to chug a cold class of milly after a good chocolate chip cookie. Now I don’t want to hear anymore about this. I’ve met John Ashcroft, and he likes jelly donuts so fuck him.


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