Re: BMW repair Shop?

Hi all..I’m new to the area and my darn sunroof is stuck in a semi open position which is semi frustrating me. Anyone got some good suggestions for a good and trustworthy BMW repair shop. If it is one that specializes in body or does work on the M series, that would be even more nifty even!

Hi everyone.

I have a toyota corona from 1976. it has no interior, It’s seats are not bolted down, and Blue smoke pukes out of it whenever I drive. I think it’s a shit series. If anyone can tell me why I drive such a horrendous pile of dung, while others drive Porches and BMW’s I’d like that. Gibby would tell me to stay the hell out of the strip clubs for about a week, but that’s why I’m not asking Gibby. I always thought that by the time I reached thirty I would have my fortune. But I think I gave it to a girl named Amber. Anyway, about that pile of dung. If anyone here is getting sick of having their sun roof on the Porsche not close all the way, I’m selling my car. It’s called the bandit, and it’s just barely worth a coconut. It doesn’t have a sun roof, but it does have a jagged row of metal that you have to duck under when you try and sit in it. I’m going to scrap this poor artist crap, and go for the New Tech effects guy look. My accountant says that nine out of ten girls like guys who worked on Star wars episode one, as compared to guys who worked on starship troopers. This morning I tried to pull on a black turtle neck, but it ripped on my fat jowl. Mark my words, I’m going to get it. When I get my new car, a corvette stingray, my license pate is going to say “effects guy”. And let me tell you….droves of girls.

anyway, If you want to buy my car, or you can help with my new look, let me know.

your pal R.J.Krandell

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