Beef Bologna

Now listen up. I’m gonna give out a little rah, rah Tippett thing here and I hope you all are paying a little attention. I’m a man who has worked shitty jobs. We are talking ticket boy at the UA theaters. I’m talking meat boy at the deli. ( talk about a not getting any chicks job) I’m talking all of the bottom drawer lack luster shit bummery jobs a human can do. Now we all know me and Phil don’t see eye to eye on things. Like I think I’m a much better artist than Gibbi, but the big boy, well lets just say he don’t see just how much Gibbi really sucks. But anyhow,…..well come to think of it I think Craig and me don’t see eye to eye either. but anyway , even though I’m much better than Gibbi at almost everything, and Phil wont give me the time of day. Once he tried to spit on me from his big office but hey, whatever. I still thank my lucky stars I got this job. ( One reason is that no one else would ever hire me.) But I wake up. grab a cup of coffee, take a little beating in dailies, work as hard as I can. AS FAST AS I CAN. Do a really fucking great job everyday. And let Gibbons take all the credit. and ….well…. my point is that ….well I don’t know what my point is…BUT it beats the shit out of slicing bologna for little old ladys…….OK well maybe not there is something really exciting about slicing bologna for little old lady’s but that’s another e-mail all together. But Its a close second.

Think of it this way. Sometimes when I’m in a bar, and I see a beautiful girl I’ll walk right up to her and say Hi I worked on Starship Troopers and she will say I’ve never heard of that, what is it? and that make me feel great!

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