bring it on!

I was routing through my change draw the other day, and I made an amazing discovery. Pennies suck ass. Ive got shit loads of these things, and they aint worth spit. Pennies suck so much ass, they are not even worth gathering them together to make a dollar. And that’s because it takes a hundred of them, and a dollar is almost not worth spit. Why the hell do things cost five fifty one? Why the one? Who cares about the one cent. Not me. I care about cookies, I care about cookies and milly. But I could give a rats ass about pennies. Why do things cost ninety nine cents, god damnit! I would give up the one cent every time just to make it even. It drives me nuts. We live in a god damn world where you can slide a plastic card in a slot, and buy a motorcycle, we put a man on the freaking moon, and I’m walking around with pennies in my pockets. it aint right.

your pal R.J.Krandell

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