phones don’t suck, people suck

We really need to talk about this one folks. Last night for about the twelve hundredth time this month, someone pulled out FAST infront of me, cutting me off, then slowed down to about twenty miles per hour. And the whole time their neck was crooked over to one side. Why was it crooked over to one side? Because they were on the goddamm phone, that’s why! How many times have you been cut off by some asshole driver, then have to stare at the back of their head all crooked over while they find out what kind of milk they need to bring home? It aint right people, it’s sick. I know that there is a small, and might I add small amount of people who don’t abuse cell phones, and to you guys I’m sorry. But the rest of you suck ass. Think about it this way, it is yet another form of human antisocial behavior. When we were kids, and you ate lunch alone it meant that you sucked as a person. You ate alone because nobody wanted to be around you. People hated you. And you and everyone else knew it. It put a little pressure on individuals to think about why everyone would rather eat glass than to spend a half hour with you. Now if you have to eat alone because nobody likes you, you can talk on the phone. It appears to everyone that you are important, and you have something to talk about. I bet most of the people you see talking on the phone at lunch are listening to movie phone or checking to see if nobody left a message for them. Do you see how sick that is? It’s wrong. Another thing is for centuries there has been the fight between evolution, or religion. Are we monkeys or were we made in gods great image. I can solve that one right now. Have you ever seen those documentary’s when the chimpanzees try and crack open a nut with a rock? Well next time you see someone push the funny little buttons on a cell phone look at the expression on their face…it’s creepy isn’t it. It’s exactly the same. Thousands of years of evolution, and we cant resist pushing the funny buttons. Monkeys. The pathetic thing is now everyone can afford it. So now you see truck drivers who can’t tie their own shoe laces talking on the phone. I think about three times in my life did I ever need a phone when I wasn’t home. I am so unimportant that nobody ever needs to get in touch with me ever. I am also quiet in movie theaters and bookstores.

Kill it people

kill it now

your pal randy

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