Re: cell phones

A lot of us at work (including myself) have cell phones, and I wanted to; take a moment to remind you to set the ringer to “less” when you’re here at work.

Or leave the dirty machines home altogether. If you need to talk to someone, talk to the person you sit next to, who is annoyed at listening to your dumb phone conversation. I noticed one thing in particular. When people get a call at work, they are a little quiet. “Ohhh your on the phone again”. Get on, take care of business, get off. People get on their cell phones and they lose control of their volume switch. ” LOOK AT ME PEOPLE I’M ON THE PHONE”. I know you can’t help it, they are so new and exciting. Last night at dinner I watched a very bored woman sit and play with her food while a man talked and talked and talked and talked on the phone. Can’t anyone see how stupid that behavior is. It’s Dumb. I know what your going to say, your going to say..” Well , What If my car breaks down, and…” SHUT UP!. Open your glove compartment, and call triple A. Until then realize that you are annoying everyone else. Don’t think that I don’t listen in when your on the cell phone. I try so hard to hear one conversation that is of any importance. Just one. I have never heard anyone use a cell phone for any of the reasons that they say they are getting them for. It’s always, “oh yeah, cool, Yeah, cool, talk to ya later” I’m telling you people, trust me on this one. DUMB. For Those people who are important, and actually are needed, I’m not talking to you. For the rest of us little meaningless schleps, buy a new calculator, they are small, they look new and space age too, they have lots of little buttons to push, and they are quiet.

Start a new trend, leave the dumb things home and talk to a real live person right next to you.

your pal randy

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