Chopping wood

Well even though it was so cold back in New York that the snot in my nose froze and my ears turned red and hard with little cracks all over so if you touched them they would blow apart like the windows in the Haunting, I had a pretty good christmas. Oh I got the canary yellow shirt from mom that I will never wear. It’s funny, but every year my mom gets me somthing to wear that I would never wear in a million years. Every year. And every year I say somthing like Oh wow a canary yellow shirt this is great mom thanks. And then thats that. I mean….and I’m a going out on a limb hear folks, but I’m not that hard to shop for. A book, thats a good one. I like those…. I don’t read them but they really give those shelves a purpose. Uhhhh…..Knives I like Knives……How come nobody ever gets me a sword or a shot gun, or a chainsaw… Now I could use a chainsaw. Lots to cut. Lots to chop.. anyway I hope everybody got a least one or two things that were good, or that It wasn’t too awful to see family. I hope the New Year reselution bullshit you made on yourselves wasn’t to hard to keep. I swore off cookies, that lasted until I woke up the next morning. And I wanted to say that You dont have to wait until Christmas to buy a present for someone. I think that we should try to give presents to people, or me, all year long.

Ps While I’m on this phony christmas plug I’ll say that Gibby is having a hard time on his blocking, Bad plates and all that so be kind to him. And Blair seems to have mistplaced his Gandalf the White action figure and I think he is real bent about it so keep a lookout. Thanks
your pal


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