my christmas

I dont know. Christmas kinda sucked this year. Oh I got some great presents and all. I got a remote controll Mothra ( the worm mothra not the moth mothra).

It shoots silly string. A pretty discusting toy. And you all Know about my Voodoo secret santa gift. Word on the street is Craig may know who did it, But he wont tell. But anyway, back to business, Christmas just was kind of lack luster this year. We got a tree. We got some lights. Nope, still sucked. I think next year I’ll go back to NEW YORK maybe that will spark things back up. I’m not bumbed out about it, I just want a holiday to feel like a holiday god dam it! I dont mean to curse but when the fuck is arbor day. I think we should all go out on arbor day and burn down a tree, all of us, In Yellowstone. That id show em.

Anyway I got a copy of KISS ALIVE on cd at my desk if anyone wants to borrow it.

yor pal R.J.Krandell.

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