Re: courtesy? yes please!!

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY OF YOUR #@!*?% IN EDITORIAL – your mom, your maid,and your dog do NOT live here

this includes:
coffee and tea mugs
uneaten food
and anything else you deem necessary to bring in here for your huddles, cut-ins, etc.

we know it’s hectic for everyone right now (more rocks, more rocks!), and that includes us –
it doesn’t help that we have to take the time to throw away half-full paper coffee cups, etc, etc, just to be able to get to our keyboards without spilling stuff on them

again, don’t make us start naming names……

Now people.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, those people in editorial are a bit bunchy. I’m not going to say that they aren’t friendly, cause I think that Krebs guy is kinda nice( and cute) but it took many coffee offerings during troopers to make him talk to me. But if you are going to leave food around, by all means leave it on my desk. I get the feeling that if we all don’t work together to give a hoot don’t pollute in editorial, they might just start shooting at us one day. It is a scientific fact that editors are very high strung and they often still kill frogs as adults. I think that kevin guy has had at least five different pet dogs in the last year alone, and his basement smells funny. So again come over to my desk and litter, I love that shit, and leave those people in editorial alone.

your pal in battle Ranny’s

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