Re: Watching Dailies in Bay 2

Maia wrote:

Alright you guys –

I guess I get to play the bad guy/gal and remind you that THERE ARE PEOPLE
WORKING in Bay 2, so if you’re hanging out, waiting for your shot to be shown, BE QUIET!! That means, don’t talk above a whisper. Otherwise, you will be asked to leave the room, and go outside. It’s crunchtime, as if you didn’t know, and everyone’s stress level is high, so be considerate.

Thank you for listening, and everyone in Bay 2 upper and lower thanks you too. Go ahead Randy, let r rip….

Now normally I wouldn’t say anything, but I did get the invite. I am ashamed that I work with such inconsiderate slobs who talk too loud in bay two. If you people can’t whisper while your waiting to get hammered in dailies you should go outside. I would go outside but then I wouldn’t hear the Daily’s call, and then I would get in more trouble for standing in the sun talking and having a good time, while Phil asked me how my animation was going. Maia has a really good point, and we should all be considerate for people who are trying to work. And People who are trying to work should wear their damn earphones like the good lord gave them so I can talk and be nervous because I’m about to hear how much I suck. I think the point is that we are in some kind of home stretch here and well I don’t know if it’s a home stretch but we’ve got a lot of work to do, and I think that we not only have to be considerate of people who are trying to work, But we should try and keep calm and happy and focused and not let the stress make you run around like you’ve just got stung by a bee. The Haunting already rocks in spite of Jan deboach or however you spell his damn name, so feel good people.

ps It’s ok to make that lousy Brit in editorial angry, but he’s the only one.

You’re only as good as your last daily


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