Now I take the bart alot. Some would say I take it quite often. So lets just say I sit in that train over and over again, day in day out. I like it it’s nice. I noticed something today that has kind of been bothering me, and I feel I need to talk about it. Many people come on to the train, and I may say some darn fine looking people! Guys and gals, clean and ready for work. Now I think I,m your average looking guy. Girls dont go dropping like flies for me, but I’ve been known to work a little magic every now and then. You should see me in action. But anyway, Noone ever sits next to me! Never. My seat is always the last free seat on the bart. Now this is in rush hour, every day. I’m starting to feel like the kid in your gym class with one limb who always gets picked last. So if I smell like something deep in your fridge, or look like one of the flying monkeys from The wizard of Oz, I would really like it you people would let me in on it.


your pal Randell.J.krandell.

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