How to get Girls

I know that in our field it is mighty tough to score a date with women today. I’ve had many lonely years myself. But last year I took a coarse called “How to score BIG with women” and it has changed my life. Shit some days I have twelve or fifteen girls wanting to kiss me, and it’s really simple. And since it’s Christmas, I’m going to give away secrets to you guys for free. You will thank me later.

#1. When you pee pee on the toilet seat, clean it off.

I don’t know why, but this one really works well with the lady’s. They just love it.

#2. Replace the toilet paper all by yourself.

Again, those rascally women really go bananas about bathroom stuff. When I try this one at home my girl just goes mad, the passion starts flying.

#3. Flush the funny Poo Poo stuff.

Some days me and my brothers call each other in and look at how funny it is, and we laugh for hours, sometimes days. But Girls I guess have no sense of humor, or something. So making it go by by, is a safe bet. Again, I don’t understand, but it works.

next week I’ll tell how a clean kitchen counter equals “Make out city”

good luck guys”

— your pal randy

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