Re: damn hippie/utensils

Now you people know that I don’t like to join these endless rants about who stole my cup, or why i can’t find my Echo and the Bunnymen cd. But think about this. Most of the people who work here can’t get the paper cup to the garbage can. Our friends need to tell us that we have half a ham sandwich stuck to our faces. Why you ask? that’s cause we are Geeks. I’m sorry. Geeks. Do you know why we all left home? I do. It’s cause they threw us out, that’s why. Sometimes I go into the bathroom around here and get a case of “the rotten horrors”. I mean, theoretically boys can aim, And lets face it folks…we never do. Ever. Sorry. I’m the first one to save a tree. But I’m also really bad at washing dishes. Maybe we can all drink right out of the faucet? I brought in a set of my moms good china, and Tom Gibbons took it home. Do you see what we are dealing with here? I mean Lon is trying to get people to hug each other. It’s sick. It aint right. My mom used to smash the dirty dishes that we left around over our heads, maybe the PA’s could do something like that. At Grayson, there is a person who fills a paper cup up with just a tiny bit of water, and leaves it on the counter. Everyday. Tiny, water, cup, counter. Everyday. I used to hate it, but now I love it. It’s my friend. My little tiny cup of water friend. I remember one time I was talking to my pal Doug Epps, and he told me to get the hell away from him, but…uh…what? wait…I …uh….

anyway I have near complete set of metal silverware at my desk if any of you slobs need it. And I think I just peed myself.

your pal


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